An Announcement

After 5 years working in DC media, I am pleased to announce that I have accepted a position with Lonely Planet where I will be managing advertising product development and strategy. 

Lonely Planet is an incredible brand focused on experiencing the world, and I am unbelievably excited for this shift in focus from political advocacy solutions to one that focuses on wonder and experiences. Professionally, the possibilities are endless and exhilarating. Personally, I have gone on more than a few “hey, I have this harebrained idea…. do you want to go with me to _____ next month?” trips with various friends and family, and I can’t wait for this next chapter of my life to have a greater focus on seeing the world.

What makes this even better, is that Lonely Planet is headquartered just outside of Nashville, so I will be moving back home in July! 

More to come on this blog as I reflect back on my time in DC, and as I look forward to the future, so stay tuned.