I am one of approximately 4,207 people in the United States named "Laura Brown." A lot of them are incredible people, as indicated by the Google Alert I have set for my name (the results of which are rarely me). This makes it rather difficult to do things like find unique website URLs.

My dream is to be one of the most interesting of the Laura Browns out there in the world.

I grew up playing music in the wondrous city that is Nashville. My father is an engineer and entrepreneur, and I've been helping him run his small business since I was 13-years-old.

Neither of my parents is a farmer, but I grew up on a farm. I fell in love with riding horses when I was a child, and it's been a constant joy in my world. I've worked my whole life to support this #WayTooExpensive hobby - mucking stalls, teaching kids how to ride, running farms. In fact, my first internship out of college was writing for The Chronicle of the Horse, in Middleburg, Virginia, where I was doing data journalism before it was cool. 

My professional challenge is helping quality media companies navigate the business realities created in a world run by social media and web algorithms. In 2015, I was one of Folio Magazine's 30 Under 30 Innovators for my work managing data, audience insights and programmatic strategy at POLITICO. I currently do product innovation and audience development for Lonely Planet

I've been closely following politics since I was a very small child, and have spent over 5 years working in audience management for DC publications geared toward political influencers. 

I am currently working towards a Master's of Science in Communication & Media Studies at Middle Tennessee State University, with a special focus on studying the erosion of truth in digital media. 

I'm deeply interested in the media industry, how it's being disrupted by the internet, and the effect that this has on the way we communicate as societies. I recently spoke at UT's 2016 Social Media Week about the internet's effect on content consumption and how this disruption is dividing us instead of bringing us together. You can see an abridged version of my presentation, called 'A Newsfeed Divided: How The Digital Revolution is Changing our Politics,' below. 


I graduated in 2010 from the University of Tennessee - Knoxville with a B.S in Advertising. I currently reside in the Nashville metro area with my dog Molly. In my spare time, I enjoy traveling, camping, shooting the landscapes you see on this site and slowly learning the guitar.





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